Disney Gives First Look to the Skyliner Gondolas

If you have been to the parks recently, you have probably seen the covered gondolas zooming by during test runs. Orlando Sentinel got to take a special inside look at the gondolas and what is inside. Thomas Mazloum, a Disney senior vice president who oversees transportation and resorts, said the gondolas would be “absolutely comfortable” as they were specifically designed with the Florida climate in mind.

The new Disney transportation Gondola Fleet will have 300 gondolas in total. A typical ride may between five to fifteen minutes depending on where adventure begins.

In each gondola a mesh panel allows a breeze to come as you travel at 11 mph. The reflective windows block out sunlight as you travel.

Each has a twin wooden up to 10 passengers including modified gondolas for passengers in wheelchair.

This amazing fleet is set to open in the fall. In may we will se them unveiled and the feature of 22 beloved characters designs.

All images courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel’s inside look video on the Disney Skyliners Gondolas.

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