LEGO Minifigure Series 2

3 years after the release of the First Disney Minifigure series featuring Peter Pan to Maleficent. We have now been revealed the Series 2 collection.

Fans are excited for the LEGO Disney Series 2 Minifigures to be released on May 1st, 2019. These 18 characters will be released in individual blind packets at the beginning of May and will retail for $3.99 USD, £2.99 UK and $4.99 CAN.

From Classic Characters to new ones everyone has came to love. We personally are excited for Scrooge McDuck and Chip and Dale.
Vintage Mickey (Steamboat Willie) Does it
Seem similar to the figure that just appeared in 21317 Steamboat Willie, the latest LEGO Ideas set!
Vintage Minnie
Scrooge McDuck
Huey- one of three of Donald Duck’s Nephews
Dewey- 2 of 3 of Donald Ducks Nephews
Louie- 3 of 3 of Donald Ducks Nephews
Jafar- From Disney Classic Aladdin
Jasmine- From Disney Classic Aladdin
Anna- From Frozen

Elsa- From Frozen

Jack Skellington – From 1993 Disney Film The Nightmare Before Christmas
Sally- From 1993 Disney Film The nightmare Before Christmas
Edna Mode- From Incredibles NO CAPES!!
Frozone- From Incredibles
Hercules- From Disney Classic Hercules
Hades- From Disney Classic Hercules

All photo Credits goes to The LEGO Group

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