Move it Shake it Mousekedance it Street Party

Move it Shake it Mousekedance it Street Party is the parade that has currently replaced the Move it Shake it Dance it Party at the Magic Kingdom. This parade is a celebration to Mickey and his beloved Minnie with all of their friends. Some of those friends are Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Clarabelle Cow and many many more. This is the first parade to have live singers, singing “Its a Good Time” by The DeeKompressors. This high energy party is the perfect break from your dance. As the parade gets to the front of Cinderellas castle, they dancers and some characters will dance with kids on Main Sstreet. (Characters typical will not stop to take a picture with children).

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Our Personal opinion the parade was, the song has a very catchy beat and will be stuck in your head just like “It’s a Small World”. We enjoyed the surprise of the different characters such as Max. We Love the fun, bright outfits that the performers are wearing in it. We think it would be neat if Disney had a parade with a bunch of rare characters featured in it.

Check out the video of the parade here

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