NEW GAME! Color Brain Disney Edition

Today we purchased the new game hitting the shelf ” Color Brain” Disney Edition. This game with two colorful twists. The first is that we’ve given you all the answers before you start. The second is that they’re all colors! In this game, each player starts with 11 Color Cards in their hand. Each round, they must decide which color (or colors). Nail every color in the answer and you could be in with a chance of walking off with some points. But here’s the catch: in this game, you’ll only score points if at least one of the other players slip up. So if everyone gets the answer right, it means that everyone scores zero. If you’re the only player to get it right, however, you’re in for a lot of points. With 250 different questions that cover over 20 different Disney classics and a deck of Color Capture Cards to help turn the tides at the last minute, this is a game that’s sure to get hearts racing and family members laughing as they race towards the finish line to get their happily ever after.

This game can have from just 2 players to 20 players on 4 teams. each team gets 11 colors to choose from. Movies can be Beauty and the Beast to Incrediables and Finding Nemo.

Perfect for any Disney Family to go head to head and show there Disney knowledge skills. Show that you can remember every little detail of Classic and PIXAR Disney movies.

Want to see the game and what exactly is inside? Head over to our YouTube channel to hear and see about it.

Want to buy it for yourself?? Head over to Amazon and order yours now and let the fun begin.

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