New Walt Disney Imagineering Logo

With the launch of Disney+ this morning to the delight of Disney fans throughout the nation. With this launch one of the most anticipated shows debuting with the streaming service was undoubtedly “The Imagineering Story”.

Walt Disney Imagineering new logo features a stylized version of what Walt’s signature actually looked like, plus “Imagineering” in big, art deco lettering. Instead of Mickey , the only image or flair on this is a set of retro stars.

Here is the first WED Enterprises logo

the department switched over from WED Enterprises around 1986.

Here’s the logo that’s been in use since around 2012, now discontinued with the introduction of the new logo.

In addition, they show past and present projects.

Imagineers at work on upcoming new Beauty and the Beast attraction for Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea.

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