REVIEW:Port Orleans Riverside- Riverside Mill Food Court

Located in the Main Building at Port Orleans Riverside is the Riverside Mill Food Court. There’s a reason mill towns are often described as ‘sleepy’ rather than ‘bustling’ and that’s on display here. The slow, methodical turning of the mechanisms inside is another reminder of a bygone time and place, much like the rest of Port Orleans Riverside. Here you enter a This is Port Orleans’s main food court and quick service location. Here you can get Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at select times, in addition to snack options.

We recommend to eat outside of prime breakfast and dinner hours, Riverside Mill is often a quiet place to kick back and enjoy a peaceful meal. Even during busy hours, it’s not nearly as chaotic as other food courts. At this Food Court, you have six stations to satisfy any craving: bakery, grill, pizza & pasta, specialties, salads and a carving station. Grab ’n’ go items are available. These stations do rotate in the morning for Breakfast selections.

Grill Station

All menu options are decent pricing for the size portion you receive. We Love the classic Burger option served here with French fries. This item counts as a quick service meal item. Each station has Adult and kid options for a wide variety of options.

You can’t go wrong with Disney Pizza! We absolutely love the pizza dinner here! When we go we get the Large Cheese Pizza Dinner, Which is more than enough for our family of four. If you plan to use the Disney dining plan a total of two (2) adult meals will be redeemed from your meal plan balance for this menu item. House-made Pizza served with a Salad and Bread Sticks – Serves 6.

You can’t go wrong with Disney Desserts either! We always love coming back from the parks and heading down to the food court to get a brownie or even an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich. Most of all the items here at the bakery count as a Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit.

Also at the bakery, you can purchase Milkshake, and coffee options are available to be purchase. Milkshake options vary upon what ice cream flavors are available that day.

They have a wide selection of beverage and grab go options as well in their cooler area. They have bottled beverages, Wines and beer is also available. Remember, that some drinks do count as a snack credit option.

Here you will also find bagged snacks, candy, and some cookie options here as well that count for a Snack option. TIP, Don’t see a snack option such as candy or crackers… Head into Fulton General’s Store dor a wide variety of options.

Just like every other resort, they have resort fillable mugs, They are included with dining plans, or they are $19.99 to activate for the length of your stay.

Our TIP, We send someone back to the room when we return from the park at night to grab the mugs and we fill them up for night so we have water or some drink before we go to sleep.

We can not wait to head back to Port Orleans Riverside Mill Food Court soon!

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