We recently purchased Toy Story Monopoly for $19.99 from Amazon! We Love the Toy Story Movies and wanted to have the game for our collection.

The board features things from all four of the movies, each side represents one of the movies.. The cards you draw from are “The Claw” and the “Toy Chest”. Included in the game you get a card board toy chest to assemble. The Cards do not fit inside but when packing the game up we put pieces inside it.

The game pieces are absolute amazing and detailed! You can choose to play from an Alien, Woody, Rex, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear or Bo Peep! We would have loved to see Forky as well

We can’t be to sad about not having a Forky pieces because he does appear on the money! On the 1- Bo Peep’s Sheep, 5-Forky, 10- Bullseye, 20-Mr Potato Head, 50- Mrs. Potato Head, 100- Syunt Racer and who else on the 500- then Hamm himself!

The houses themselves are just simple Teal and Yellow House. We would have loved to see maybe Al’s Toy Barn as one!

Overall, This game is pretty fun just like any other Monopoly game just with the Toy Story Gang! To purchase this game for you own collection head over to your local store or order it on amazon!

Make sure you keep checking back for new games and things we find!!

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