Disney Pin Trading

About the magical world of pin trading

Disney pin trading was introduced to the parks in 1999. It has over 100,000 different styles of pins to trade and collect. Pin trading can be fairly easy and fun if you get a basic understanding of how it works. The pins are broken into 3 categories, Hidden Mickey, Open Edition and Limited Edition. Pins can be found in Disney parks, Disney Soda Fountain, D23 events, Pin Trading events and at Shopdisney.com. Different styles of pins consist of Walt Disney Imagineering pins, Cast Member exclusive, Single pins, Pin on pin, Booster Packs and Starter kits.

There is pins for every Disney character that you can collect. Once you are ready, either online or at the parks you can head to any Pin Trading store. First decide if you would like to buy a starter kit which comes with anywhere from 4-8 pins and lanyards or if you want to choose your own lanyards and pins. Personally, I would pick my own lanyard and pick up a couple Hidden Mickey Blind Bag pins. When I open the blind bags I keep the ones one I want and trade the ones I don’t.

Now that you have your lanyard and pins, you have a couple of options. Select stores at the Disney parks and resorts will have a pin board. For example at The Big Top Tent at Magic Kingdom there is a popcorn bin with pins. Typically you can ask a cast member to see it, but keep in mind that you can only trade 2 pns. In addition, Select cast members will have a pin lanyard or pin badge. You can go up to any cast member and ask them to trade with them. Typically like the boards you can trade 2 pins with them. A Cast Member can’t say no to your trade, but I ask if there is a pin they like that they may want for their lanyard.

Some trading facts:

    • If you approach a cast member and see a pin that it flipped over so all you can see is the mickey backing. It’s a “blind choice” with this you have two options you can do trivia or trade a pin with them not knowing what it would be. If you receive one you do not want you can always trade it later with a different cast member.

    • Resorts will have a pin board in the gift shop. It typically is put out when the store opens. This is a good time to get there to trade.

    • Sometimes resorts will have a pin trading night, this is where cast members and guest can trade with each other. This usually happens at night once a week.

    • Pin boards can show up randomly at stores.

    • Stores can have unique ways of displaying their pins.

  • Cast members with a green lanyard will only trade with children under the age of 12.