Remy’s Ratatouille Hide and Squeak 2019

Remy’s Ratatouille Hide and Squeak Scavenger Hunt has now started at the parks . You can find the maps at many festival locations look for the Remy sign. The map costs $6.99 plus tax. Complete your map and pick a prize to redeem at the end of your quest.

This miniature chef mouse is trying to cook up his famous Ratatouille. As you know he only uses the best ingredients.

Your mission is to look around and help this curious mouse find his ingredients. They could be high or low so be sure to look from bushes to roof tops. It’s a game of hide and squeak, Remy statues will be hiding with the key ingredients.  Match the ingredient sticker to the coordinating country on your map. Once you are finished return the map for a prize. There are four tumblers to choose from. Remy, Figment, Minnie, and Mickey. This is a family fun activity, even if you can’t find them all you can still claim the prize at the end.


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