Pixar 25th Anniversary Funko Pops

Can you believe that Toy Story is 25 years old now? It feels like that it came out in theaters! The positive to us feeling old is that the 25th anniversary of Toy Story has resulted in some fantastic merchandise so far for PIXAR 25th anniversary. Funko has done it again with a new series that focuses on the Aliens from the Toy Story Franchise.

We love the wide variety of Pixar Movies and characters that are featured in this collection!

Each figure is available to pre-order now from Entertainment Earth and they are all due to release later this month.

Check out the figures in more detail below:

Alien Woody Funko Pop- 10 inch -$34.99

Woody Funko Pop
Credit: Funko

Alien Buzz Lightyear Funko-$10.99

Alien Buzz Funko Pop
Credit: Funko

Alien Emperor Zurg Funko– $10.99

Alien Zurg Funko Pop

Alien Carl Funko-$10.99

Alien Carl Funko Pop

Alien Dug Funko-$10.99

Alien Dug Funko Pop
Credit: Funko

Alien Russell Funko-$10.99

Alien Russel Funko Pop
Credit: Funko

Alien Dory Funko-$10.99

Alien Dory Funko Pop
Credit: Funko

Alien Dot Funko -$10.99

Alien Dot Funko Pop

Pixar Alien in Costume Mystery Minis

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