REVIEW: Disney LEGO Steamboat Willie Set

We recently purchased the Steamboat Willie 21317 Lego Idea set. This set featured 751 Pieces and is designed for ages 10+. Included in this was an Instruction book that was compatible with Instruction PLUS. We did not try this feature but it was available

This set was fairly easy to build overall. It contains 3 bags for parts 1 and 2 bags for parts 2 and 3. In some of the bigger bags, they did contain smaller pieces within a bag. Just a few problems attaching the smokestacks to the piece built earlier on in the instructions. We decided to build from the existing pieces upward instead of building separate and attaching.

What is a Steamboat Willie set without Mickey and Minnie themselves! Each of them is done up in the famous outfits, Minnie also has her guitar to play music for Mickey. The designers of this set paid close attention to all the details to make this an authentic set to carry the Disney name. These to complete the set perfectly.

When your boat is complete, you will have a functioning boat with moving smokestacks as your boat moves forward. In addition, to your smokestacks that will move, you also have rotating paddle wheels on both sides.

On the back of your boat, you will find a working crane to help move your ‘Potato Bin’ around. This can also help you lower your bucket to fill water on board.

Overall, We loved how easy this set went together and look forward to building more Disney Lego sets soon. Want to get this set for you and your family, Check it out here!

Want to see us build this lego set? Check out our speed build of it below. Make sure to hit that like and subscribe so you can see more of our videos coming soon!

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