Artwork coming to The Festival of the Arts 2021

Jerrod Maruyama

Maruyama is bringing four pieces to the festival, including one featuring The Child (AKA “Baby Yoda,” Grogu).

Photo Credit: @jmaruyama on Twitter

Maruyama also previewed the three other pieces on Instagram, including a tribute to Mickey’s Philharmagic. This is such a fun and playful piece for any Philharmagic lover.

Sam Carter

Sam Carter took to Twitter to celebrate shipping his embellished originals to Florida. Carter also announced that he will be at EPCOT from January 16 – 26.

Carter’s pieces include 3 Classic attractions Big Al from Country Bear Jamboree, Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, John from Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, and The Muses from Hercules,

Morgan Ditta

Artist Morgan Ditta has previewed a few pieces on Instagram, including artwork featuring Rapunzel, Tiana, and Figment. The Rapunzel piece is very detailed and unique featuring pieces from “When Will My Life Begin”

Photo Credit: @sillywhims_art on Instagram
Photo Credit: @sillywhims_art on Instagram

Jason Ratner

Jason Ratner announced preview dates on Twitter. He will show full reveals beginning December 29. We can not wait to see the full art coming soon now, but we love the sneak peeks now!

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