REVIEW: Main Street Melt Candle Co.

Today we received our order from Main Street Melt Candle Co. We wanted to share with you what we purchased!

Main Street Melt Candle Co. is Husband and Wife team from Charleston, South Carolina. They started the company back in 2013 as just gifts for friends and family, but they grew bigger.

What did we order?

  • Main Street Bakery – Fragrance Oil
  • Main Street Bakery – Wax Melt
  • Stitch Juice – Wax Melt
  • Port Orleans – Wax Melt
  • Port Orleans- Fragrance Oil

We ordered Port Orleans as it is our favorite resort on Disney Property. When we smelled the wax and oil, it smelled just like walking into the lobby of the resort. It filled our room with an amazing aroma. It made us feel like we were home.

Stitch Juice was the exact scent of POG juice from the Restaurants at Disney Property. We can not wait to head back to Disney to get us some Stitch Juice.

Last but not least, we got the Main Street Bakery. It made us feel like we were stolling down Main Street USA and taking in the aroma of the bakery. We purchased these scents for our kitchen, so it always smells like Main Street in our house.

This is the perfect way to make your house smell like your favorite Disney Scent. We can not wait to order more amazing Disney Scents.

Well done, Main Street Melt Candle Co

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